*ON SALE* Purple Hulk AAAA $120 oz



Purple Hulk is an indica dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) created through crossing the potent Granddaddy Purple and Big Bud strains. Named for its gorgeous appearance, Purple Hulk is the perfect heavy indica for any patient who’s after some sweet relief before they get to sleep. This bud has hugely oversized and super heavy pepper-shaped bright neon green nugs with vivid purple undertones, lots of long and thin orange hairs and a super thick coating of frosty, chunky purple-tinted white crystal trichomes topped with sweet sticky resin. As you pull apart each giant nugget, aromas of spicy dank and pungent herbs are released, accented by a subtle fruity sweetness that’s released as the nugs are burned away. The flavor is just as delicious, with a sweet and sugary fruity grape flavor accented by earthy berries and a touch of dank. The Purple Hulk high will settle in slowly, beginning with a mental buzz that inspired you to settle down and just let the world pass you by. You’ll be tranquil and relaxed, filled with a weighty calm that has you feeling pretty unfocused. A soothing body high accompanies this heady state, locking you to the couch before dropping you off into heavy sedation. These effects give Purple Hulk an edge in treating chronic stress or anxiety, PTSD, chronic fatigue, bipolar disorder and depression.

23% THC