Pie Face (3g) + Watermelon (3g) Dual Chamber Disposable Vape by Straight Goods Supply Co.


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Double trouble, double fun is what you’ll get from this disposable weed vape

Enjoy A Fantastic Duo Of Strains And Flavors

Straight Goods 6g THC (3g+3g) disposable weed vape has choices of indica, sativa, and hybrid so it’s perfect for users who are looking to target a specific condition or even just looking for a specific type of vibe. Choose from a combo of variations of the indica/sativa/hybrid strains to relax your body and mind or try a sativa to increase your productivity and creativity.  Once you allow the psychotropic effects to fully take effect in your body, they are more intense. Few things have the same impact as this disposable concentrate or marijuana vape pen.
Press side button 5 times within 3 seconds to turn on device, press button to vape.

Pie Face (Hybrid): Pie Face offers a sweet cherry hash flavor and a balanced combination of indica relaxation and mental clarity. It provides a focused, euphoric lift, enhancing creativity and awareness while promoting chattiness. As the high intensifies, it may stimulate the appetite, leading to creative culinary experiments to satisfy hunger.

Watermelon (Indica): Watermelon offers a delectable flavor of sweet watermelon and sugary fruits with a slightly skunky, tropical aroma. Its high is both euphoric and calming, providing relaxation for stressful days. It gradually washes over the mind and body, leaving you completely relaxed and sometimes leading to a peaceful, long sleep.