High Voltage Mandarin Cookies Cartridge



Mandarin Cookies is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset. The strain features flavours of sweet citrus and diesel and is a great choice for an after dinner dessert that won’t leave you glued to your couch.

If you’re looking for a bright flavour and loud high, you’ve found it! This flavourful strain packs a sharp tangy citrus flavour with hints of rich nutty herbs. Additionally, the aroma is very earthy and kushy with a sour tangerine overtone.

This hybrids high is just as eye-opening as its flavour. First, its uplifting effects hit both the mind and body with a frenzied sense of energy and motivation. Second, You’ll feel a rush of euphoria that fills your mind with creativity and focus. Then, as your body releases negative energy, you’re left with a relaxing body high in a state of calm.