GG Silicone Base Bumper 4.25in-6in Straight Tube / Beaker



Designed to fit snugly around bongs, rigs, glass water pipes, or martini glasses, this protective base bumper sleeve solves the problem of your functional glass getting a detrimental break if you accidentally place it down too hard after a fat rip. Plus it adds some party to the sesh! The sleeve has the capability to stretch so the apparatus can fit onto pieces with straight tube and beaker bases

  • Material :¬†High Quality Silicone
  • Water Resistant LED’s
  • Fits for base¬†between 4.25 inches and 6 inches
  • Change 6 colors with ease at a press of a button
  • About 25 Hours of Continuous LED charge (1 color at a time or put into color changing mode)
  • Auto off : 15 min
  • 2 x CR1620 Lithium Watch Batteries
  • Stretch Capability Up To 1.25 Inches